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Vertical File Cabinet

Scan and Data

Digitize your hardcopy records, and deploy software
to automate your document workflows


Desktop and Mobile Scanners

For small workgroups, home offices, or occasional use, a desktop or mobile scanner balances the need for space, performance, convenience, and value. Aztec carries Brother's full line of ADS scanners, Canon's imageFORMULA mobile and office lines, and all Xerox and Visioneer scanners. These devices offer advanced security features, robust image optimization capabilities, convenient networking, and easy integration with existing applications.


High-Volume Professional Scanners

Production scanners are ready to handle your most demanding batch jobs with speeds up to 140 pages per minute. Canon's imageFORMULA line of scanners and Xerox production scanners offer incredible throughput capacity and both native and compatible software solutions for capturing data and preparing it for digital filing.


Smart Capture Software

Scanning a document image is only the first step. You need to capture your document in the right format for structured data collection, organization, and archiving. All of Aztec's scan solutions offer robust software packages right out of the box and compatibility with common applications. This provides common smart capture features like text recognition, image enhancement, auto-cropping, intelligent classification, and file organization.


Enterprise Content Management Software

Organizations scan documents for a purpose - digital management of workflows. Why not take it a step further and automate the workflow altogether to boost your team's efficiency? Enterprise content management (or document management) software systematizes data capture, structures data organization, and automates repetitive tasks. This highly flexible solution can be deployed for various tasks including mailroom automation, accounts payable processing, archive management, HR or student records, and warehouse management.


Comprehensive Document Imaging Solutions

Scanning is just one piece of the document imaging environment. Partnering with one holistic provider can ensure seamless integration between your imaging peripherals. Aztec offers a full array of copy and print solutions ready for organizations large and small alike. Our experts can work with you to design the right fleet mix of dedicated scanners and versatile MFPs based on your workflow and throughput.

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