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12 Secrets for Effective IT Management with a Remote Workforce

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Top Challenges Remote Work Poses for IT Leaders and Aztec's Practical Solutions

With the rise of remote work, IT leaders have been forced to quickly adapt to ensure employees have the IT equipment required to get work done. But remote asset management presents new challenges for IT departments across equipment distribution, maintenance, security, and support. Aztec has practical strategies to streamline the process, reducing IT burden and boosting user satisfaction.

Challenge: Equipment Provisioning and Distribution

1. Solution: Define Clear Guidelines

Establish a comprehensive equipment provisioning policy that outlines the types of devices and peripherals provided to remote workers. This policy should also cover eligibility criteria, request processes, and turnaround time.

2. Solution: Maintain an Inventory

Create a centralized inventory system to track all IT assets distributed to remote workers. Include details such as device specifications, serial numbers, and assigned employees. This inventory will help with tracking, maintenance, and managing replacement or upgrades.

3. Solution: Streamline Shipping and Returns

Partner with reliable shipping providers to ensure assets get where they need to go quickly and securely. Similarly, establish a straightforward process for equipment returns, repairs, or upgrades, ensuring minimal disruption to workflow.

Challenge: Equipment Maintenance and Support

1. Solution: Remote Device Management

Remote device management software allows IT departments to remotely monitor and manage workers’ equipment. With these tools, IT technicians can perform software updates, security patches, and troubleshooting remotely, minimizing the need for on-site visits.

2. Solution: Regular Maintenance Schedules

Implement a schedule for regular maintenance tasks, such as system updates, antivirus scans, and hardware checks. Communicate these schedules to remote workers in advance to minimize disruption and ensure their devices remain in optimal condition.

3. Solution: Help Desk and Support Channels

Set up a help desk or provide other support channels where remote workers can seek assistance for IT issues. Provide clear guidelines on how to access support, including contact information and available support hours. Consider using collaboration platforms or ticketing systems to streamline the support process.

Challenge: Data Security and Protection

1. Solution: Encryption and Access Controls

Require remote workers to use encrypted connections (e.g., VPN) when accessing company resources to protect data during transmission. Implement strong access controls, such as multi-factor authentication, to safeguard sensitive information and prevent unauthorized access.

2. Solution: Regular Data Backups

Encourage remote workers to perform regular data backups to prevent loss of critical files. Provide guidelines on how to back up data securely, either through cloud storage solutions or external devices. Ensure workers are aware of any company policies regarding data backup and retention.

3. Solution: Security Awareness Training

Conduct regular security awareness training sessions to educate remote workers about best practices for data security. Topics could include recognizing phishing attempts, secure password management, and safe internet browsing habits. Engaged and informed remote workers are less likely to fall victim to cyber threats.

Challenge: Employee Engagement and Feedback

1. Solution: Employee Surveys and Feedback

Periodically gather feedback from remote workers to understand their experience with IT equipment management. This information will help identify areas for improvement, address any concerns, and tailor the management process to meet their needs.

2. Equipment Upgrades and Replacements

Regularly assess remote workers' equipment needs and ensure they have access to up-to-date devices. Consider providing clear guidelines on when and how employees can request equipment upgrades or replacements, ensuring their productivity is not hindered by outdated technology.

3. Training and resources

Offer training resources to remote workers on using and maintaining their IT equipment effectively. This could include video tutorials, user manuals, or FAQs that address common issues they may encounter.

How Aztec Can Help

While remote work introduces new obstacles for effective IT asset management, a well-considered plan can satisfy the needs of all stakeholders. If you need more support to make this work, you don’t need to go it alone – Aztec is here to help. Our technology experts can help you navigate remote work best practices. From Dynabook laptops and NEC monitors to Canon MFPs and Brother printers, we ensure you have the right IT equipment for a dispersed team. Even better, our Managed Desktop and Managed Network solutions offer additional layers of support to ensure your users have direct access to Aztec’s operations center for their IT needs. Contact Aztec to learn more about how we help organizations like yours optimize their office IT for remote and hybrid work models.

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