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How to Nudge Employees Back to the Office

7 In-Person Benefits Your Employees Miss

Working from home might have its advantages, but for many organizations, the office still has its place. As COVID restrictions fade to memory, many leaders now struggle to get people back to the office. After months or years of remote work flexibility, the adjustment to in-office work can be hard. Even those most attached to remote work will miss some of the office benefits we used to enjoy. Message these seven points as you negotiate the return to office conversation with your team.

1. Social Interaction

The office provides opportunities for face-to-face interactions and social connections with colleagues. Working in a shared physical space allows for spontaneous conversations, collaboration, and a sense of camaraderie that can be challenging to replicate remotely.

2. Teamwork and Collaboration

Being physically present in the office can enhance teamwork and collaboration. In-person meetings, brainstorming sessions, and impromptu discussions can foster creativity, idea-sharing, and efficient problem-solving, which may be more difficult to achieve solely through virtual communication.

3. Work-Life Balance

For some employees, working from home blurs the boundaries between work and personal life. Returning to the office can help establish a clear separation between work and home, allowing for better work-life balance and improved well-being.

4. Professional Development

The office environment often provides opportunities for professional growth and mentorship. Being physically present can facilitate informal learning, networking, and mentorship interactions, which can be valuable for career advancement.

5. Access to Resources and Infrastructure

Offices typically offer access to specialized equipment, technology, software, and infrastructure that may not be available at home. These resources can enable employees to work more efficiently, tackle complex projects, and access necessary tools or databases.

6. Distraction-Free Environment

Some individuals may find it challenging to maintain focus and productivity in a home environment due to potential distractions like family members, household chores, or limited workspace. Returning to the office can provide a dedicated and focused work environment.

7. Company Culture and Identity

The office often plays a central role in fostering company culture and reinforcing the organization’s identity. Being physically present allows employees to experience the company’s values, mission, and culture firsthand, leading to a stronger sense of belonging and shared purpose.

How Aztec Can Help

Many organizations opt for a hybrid work program that balances some remote flexibility with the dependability of an “office-first” work model. If that sounds like your office, your IT provisioning strategy might need a refresh. Afterall, hybrid work is not necessarily a fit for either the 2019 office-based IT ecosystem or the 2020 all remote setup. Aztec works with many organizations navigating this tricky middle ground, which often involves streamlining some in-office assets for redeployment as mobile solutions. With our broad suite of solutions covering the full office IT environment, Aztec can help you rethink your whole setup and help you define the right office technology strategy for the future of work.

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